Clarity in an age of uncertainty.

Devising a winning strategy is always a challenge. It takes planning, innovation, and execution, and your company’s future success depends on it. Fortunately, there’s a way to reach your goals and never look back.

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I help transform companies through rigorous strategic thinking and digital craftsmanship. I find unconventional, out of the box, scalable and repeatable ways to drive growth.

Agile Partnership

I believe in cohesive client partnerships that connect us as a single, unified team.

Digital Business

Creating and transforming products and services for the digital economy.

Growth Craft

Helping established companies and startups to achieve rapid sustainable growth.

Focus on customer needs. Clarify objectives. Take friction out and align teams. Bring order to chaos and deliver results. I make digital products that encourage people to lead more fulfilling lives in the real world.

Founded, a two-sided online marketplace that makes environmental and socially positive products accessible to consumers. eco3P’s unique value proposition is that consumers who purchase products from the marketplace accumulate points based on a percentage of their transaction amounts. Once a certain threshold has been reached, consumers can then redeem these points & plant a tree anywhere in the world. After a tree has been planted, earns a carbon credit which it shares with its vendors. Vendors can then redeem this carbon credit on various climate exchanges to reduce their own carbon footprint.
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Accenture is one of the largest global technology & management consulting companies serving Fortune 100 Global firms. At Accenture I advised clients on how their organization can achieve high performance in the digital age.

Having your finger on the pulse and knowing what’s new and exciting in the world of business is an invaluable asset. Let’s connect.

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